Who We Are

About New Wave

New Wave Medical Network was established by a diverse group of Healthcare Providers, industry disruptors and innovators. We built NWMN in response to an unprecedented Healthcare Provider crisis perpetuated by corporate and exploitative behaviors of the current healthcare system. Along with utilization of counterintuitive and burdensome Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems, the resultant burnout and moral injury of Healthcare Providers has been on a stark and unremitting rise. The bottom line is that this has affected our ability to deliver effective & qualitative care to our patients, along with eroding any semblance of our work-life balance.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide autonomy to all Healthcare Providers by simplifying the process of building and/or maintaining any healthcare system concept – individual or group clinic, hospital group, multisystem entity, speciality group, niche concept or something else entirely!

Wherever you may be in the build of your healthcare system concept, from rough idea on paper, to blueprint with specifics, or to active build & maintenance, NWMN takes charge & manages all of your healthcare system’s needs. Our holistic & comprehensive list of services tailored to your needs can be found on our Services page for further details.

NWMN is not a franchise – we own no part of your healthcare system. Given our team’s background and experiences, we all share the same morality of creating a truely non-exploitative service meant to empower our collaborating Healthcare Providers.  

Our goal is to provide the individualism you were trained for; to practice your art of medicine – however you see fit.

“Defend autonomy, promote independence, value quality, uphold work-life balance, and reduce burnout for all Healthcare Providers”

Our Vision

NWMN is positioning itself to become a national corporation that provides all the tools needed for any Healthcare Provider of any speciality to build their self-owned & personalised Healthcare System.

NWMN seeks to grow nationally and eventually globally to provide options to promote Healthcare Provider independence and medical industry disruption. It is our belief that empowering individualization breeds innovation and disrupts the normalisation of exploitative corporate healthcare systems.

NWMN seeks to invest in expanding its ability to offer individualised niche services to all members and future collaborators.

We currently collaborate with charity organisations, such as the Clinician Burnout Foundation, to maintain our focus on our Mission Statement.

The ultimate goal is to provide the tools for Healthcare Providers to effectively and objectively improve the quality driven care delivered to our patients.

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