A new wave of providers for patients & employers

A National Network of Providers Growing in 50 States to Give a Unique Experience to Patients for their Wellness & Wellbeing

New Wave Medical Network was established by a diverse group of Healthcare Providers, technologists, industry disruptors and innovators.

To promote patient, provider, and employer ‘Wellness & Wellbeing’, value quality, uphold work-life balance for all stakeholders.

A New Way for Providers, Patients & Employers to be Engaged in a New Wave of Medical Care to give better outcomes at reduced costs.

Real-Time Provider Patient Engagement

For patients and employers who want to provide value for money, simply point, talk and engage with your medical provider during an in-person or virtual consultation.

For clinicians with a 1-page training manual the way you were trained at medical school to engage and educate the patient, narrow down on the issues, get a better diagnosis and have AI to auto document and Auto-code the consult at a RAC auditable levels in seconds.

Doctor Designed

Intuitive Functionality

AI Automation

No Disruption in Care

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Dynamic Patient Care

Dynamic Patient Care with our proprietary AI “Touch Tap Talk Technology” for deep provider-patient engagement, is simple as pointing your finger to give better diagnosis, outcomes at reduced costs.

National Network of Providers: Access a unique healthcare experience with a growing national network of providers across all 50 states, offering comprehensive wellness and wellbeing solutions for patients and employers.

A Flat Monthly Fee for unlimited access with US Board Certified medical professionals and specialists.

No Insurance Necessary – no more waiting room hassles, easy scheduling with Providers, specialists, No Co-pays, secure messaging with care teams, same day consults, referrals to Labs, imaging as needed and formulary prescriptions delivered to your door or enroute across the USA.

National Network of Providers: Access a unique healthcare experience with a national network of providers available in all 50 states, offering comprehensive wellness and wellbeing solutions for patients.

Dynamic Patient Care: Experience detailed provider-patient engagement for better outcomes at lower costs. Enjoy healthcare services 24/7/365 through a FREE personal Medical Vault accessible anywhere, anytime, with unlimited access to US Board Certified medical professionals and specialists, all at a flat monthly fee.

Improved Healthcare Solutions: Embrace a Hybrid-DPC model that delivers ‘True Value-Based Care’ to patients and employers. Benefit from cutting-edge technology like IQ Optimizer from Pertexa, enabling better patient engagement, compliance, and improved outcomes, all with the support of dedicated administrative partners.

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