Primary Care for Patients

“Easy Access, Attentive Providers, Happier Patients.”

With a fixed affordable monthly fee enables you and your family to access an attentive NWMN provider focused on your needs.

In the current healthcare system, many current primary care providers are overwhelmed with patients and can only spend a few minutes with the patient which is a major cause for misdiagnosis, repeat doctor visits and unnecessary tests.

With our NWMN providers, they use a unique Dynamic Patient Care model to fully engage with their patients. This Dynamic engagement with, focus on your needs and issues through a series of detailed drill anatomical diagrams allowing a thorough detailed remote (or in person) consultation leading to the most probable diagnosis.

Our free patient APP allows you to receive your consultation within seconds after the consultation so you always have it in your personal medical vault should you need it for any reason.

Becoming a member is as easy as 1,2,3.

  • Step 1: Simple Membership Sign-Up
  • Step 2: Download the Free App
  • Step 3: Request a Consult

Whether you have traditional insurance or not, our model allows you and your family to gain access to the same high-quality care at an affordable fixed monthly fee.

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NWMN Provides the Best Healthcare to Every Patient

Securely text, call, video chat, email or in person from our growing network. NWMN providers are represented in 50 States allowing you to get access to medical professionals even if you are on the go within or outside of the USA.

You are the Patient

You are in pain, you know where it hurts – just point and engage with a NWMN Provider.

Engaging with a NWMN Provider is unlike any other virtual, remote, Telehealth or in person experience.

Get to the root of your pain to help the trained clinician with true peel away anatomy for any part of the body, documenting in real-time, so you will have an immediate copy after the consult.

Whether it is an initial consult, ongoing care, a second opinion or an injury, you deserve the best and you deserve the details in real-time.

Shoulder Pain Example

Below is an example of using the PertexaIQ system to document an incident of shoulder pain.

An example of a shoulder pain consult with a New Wave Medical Network Provider is more than just a video or in person talking session. It is true engagement, and this can be done for other conditions.

Download the App

Download our app: our app is currently available for iOS and Android. Downlaod it from the links below:

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Frequently Asked Questions

I am in constant pain but not able to get my issue resolved.

20% of any population has chronic pain. before the patient can get proper testing and treatment, both the patient and clinician need to know the precise cause of the pain. 

A group of physicians formerly from world-renowned Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine were determined to provide better care for the millions who suffer in pain every day. They found that 40% to 80% of patients with headache, neck, arm, back and leg pain were misdiagnosed.

If you are in constant pain, take our FREE test designed by a group of physicians from the renowned John Hopkins Hospital and School of Medicine. 

What if I already have insurance?

We recommend you keep your traditional insurance but consider changing the plan to a higher deductible and for catastrophic coverage. This will help reduce the monthly premiums.

With the NWMN Dynamic Patient Care model, you now pay a low fixed monthly fee for unlimited Virtual Care Access and all the benefits associated with the membership plan.

Can I get one-time access to a specialist?

Yes, you can get access within minutes upon becoming a member.

Can I get a second opinion on my condition?

Yes, once a member you have access to Primary Care and other specialists who would be able to consult with you in the secure and comfort of your home.

Can I start at any time?

Yes, you can start at any time, there are no enrollment or cut-off dates. You have total flexibility.

Do I need insurance

No, you can join without insurance and the plan is ideal for those who want medical care, ongoing care, treatment plans for their chronic care conditions and specialized directions to get back to health.

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