On average 40% reduction in health care costs with NWMN.

For as little as $0.40 cents per day.

Primary Care for Employers

NWMN are pleased to offer virtual and growing in person Primary Care for employers.

There are a number of options for employers.

Each Employers is assigned a New Wave Medical Director to work with your HR or assigned team. While legislation does not allow specific employee health plans to be shared, the Medical Director can aggregate data and share the overall Wellness and Wellbeing through simple Dashboards as part of our complimentary Community Corporate Wellness and Wellbeing initiative. This allows employers to put in programs which will benefit their employees, reduce sick days, visits to the ER, Hospitals.

This allows any current healthcare plan which you can keep but adjusted so you are paying only for what you use and is known as ‘Catastrophic’ insurance. These premiums are usually less if you strip out the basic preventative and Primary Care services. The net effect is an overall lower health care cost, healthier, happier employees and their families and immediate value for money giving a defined ROI to the employers.

Becoming a member is as easy as 1,2,3.

  • Step 1: Simple Membership Sign-Up
  • Step 2: Employees Download the Free App
  • Step 3: Request a Consult
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Catastrophic Insurance + NWMN = ~ 40% REDUCTION in Healthcare Costs

With healthier, happier employees.
  • Option 1: Self-Managed: Our most Popular Plan.
  • Option 2: Insurance Managed: An IRS approved plan administered by an insurance carrier.
  • Option 3: On-Demand: Low membership fee, access to all the benefits, for as little as $0.40 cents per day.
  • Option 4: Customized: In addition to the above, our network of providers can support local community needs such as Nursing Homes, Home Health, Schools, community healthcare needs and specialized industry needs such as veterans, construction workers, transportation and drivers, corporate wellness and wellbeing.

Smart simple solutions for savvy business Employers of all sizes, self funded small or large would benefit on average with a 40% reduction in healthcare costs. Included a unique Corporate Wellness and Wellbeing program have healthier more informed employees reducing sick days, lost productivity and retention all leading to reduced healthcare premiums.

Published research documents that the use of our system can reduce doctor visits by 45%, and narcotic or opioid use by 89%. The leading cause of absenteeism and reduced work place performance is due to headache, neck and back pain. 

NWMN has questionnaires which are specifically designed to address these disorders, developed by physicians from a top US hospital.   NWMN offers a unique Corporate Wellness and Wellbeing program, producing healthier, more informed employees, reducing sick days and lost productivity and increasing employee retention, all leading to reduced healthcare premiums which can be shown through real structured auditable data, something which employers have not had in the past to push back on the continuing escalating healthcare premiums.

Now with New Wave, employers have options!

Access to Care

Employers who want to retain quality talent, access to medical care being the number one driver for employee retention and satisfaction. 

Ideal for employers have travelling employees with a NWMN Board Certified Representative in every State allowing the medical care to be delivered 245/7/365.

Key Performance Indicators

With aggregated data and technology allows the employers to see key performance indicators (KPI’s) and ensure they have a sound Corporate Wellness and Wellbeing Program and show through data that reduced ER, inpatient visits, healthier workforce can help reduce traditional healthcare premiums. 

Truckers Health Network

NWMN is proud to be the exclusive Primary Medical Care delivery partner for the Truckers Health Network, focused on the Wellness and Wellbeing of the 3.5m trucking community who have unique medical needs.

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