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The New Wave Medical Network

New Wave Medical Network was formed by a team of medical providers and technologists brought together who wanted a ‘New Way’ to deliver exceptional medical care, with three key goals to its constituents:

Patients – To have a unhindered relationship with their medical provider at a low affordable fixed monthly cost or a one-time access, second opinion allowing their issues to be promptly and efficiently addressed

Providers – To have a quality of life and fair compensation for their services without getting burned out. 

Employers – To gain control back from the ever-rising medical costs, help improve the medical access for their employees wellness and wellbeing.

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The Current System

The current healthcare system is broken with providers not having enough time with patients to carefully go into their patients’ conditions and treatments causing patients to constantly return, unnecessary labs, MRI’s, CT etc. causing increased costs for the patient, deteriorating patient quality of life and employers with lost time, productivity and escalating health care premiums.

DPC Model

In a DPC model where employers or patients directly pay a set monthly fee for 24/7 access to medical care.

For many providers this is appealing but at same time it could take several months to gain the required number of subscribers to make this financially viable, hence our NWMN Hybrid-DPC model.

Hybrid-DPC Model

A Hybrid-DPC model is where the practice could deliver ‘True Value Based Care’ irrespective of whether the patient was a DPC subscriber or an insurance patient thus balancing the financial aspects of the medical clinic needs.

NWMN has a team of ‘Trusted Partners’ for all the administrative functions with a dedicated account manager who would provide all the setup, marketing, technology, contractual, legal, billing and patient onboarding so the medical staff can 100% focus on the areas the ‘Medical Care’

IQ Optimizer

Research has shown that patients engaged in their medical conditions will translate to better outcomes. Working with a newly developed Auto Documentation and Coding tool for clinicians using a ‘Touch Tap Technology’, IQ Optimizer from Pertexa where the patients sit next to the patient or remotely go through the patients’ conditions using detailed condition specific templates and drill down graphical anatomical diagrams. This engagement leads to better information for the clinician, better diagnosis, greater patient awareness, compliance, and ultimately better outcomes at reduced costs.

At the end of the consult, all data points are gathered and using AI and proprietary technology it triggers the Auto-documentation and Auto-coding which is completed in seconds at a RAC auditable level. The provider is spending the time on the clinical diagnosis and not expending time on the legally required documentation. The patient or specialists can get those consultation notes immediately and not have to wait for days. If there is any insurance claims, these can be filed immediately accelerating that portion of the transactions.

Technology Access

All NWMN members have access to such technology which benefits the patient, provider and employers. Access to specialists from within the same care team ensures the care coordination with labs, MRI’s, CT’s, specialists is maintained eliminating the frustrations of patients bouncing within the system causing costs to escalate, time away from work and family and deterioration of their medical condition is avoided. Early intervention, diagnosis and treatment benefits the patients, employers and provider with reduced costs.

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