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The World’s 1st EHR Alternative Has Arrived

Meet PertexaIQ™ App Platform
The Only Clinician Workflow, Revenue & Health Data Optimizer.

Half the Hours for Twice the Return!
No Disruption in Patient Care! Practice Medicine, Not Data Entry.

  • 30% increase in productivity & profit
  • 95% reduction in EHR-related burnout
  • 99.67% claims paid on 1st submission

The 1st interoperable cloud app that autocompletes documentation and coding – accurately, in real time. Easiest to use – training is 30 minutes. Say goodbye to transcriptions, scribes and clinician burnout!

Our healthcare heroes deserve better. All of our lives depend on it.

We Are Purpose-Driven People
Across the US and around the world, clinician and non-clinician colleagues have come together to stamp out burnout among physicians, nurses, residents and other healthcare team members.

High-Caliber, Cause-Minded
The Clinician Burnout Foundation has attracted accomplished professionals in telemedicine and telehealth, health technology, interoperability, AI, regulatory, managed services, patient experience, caregiving, advocacy and more.

Membership is Free!
We are a small but mighty team that enthusiastically welcomes members, advocates, influencers, fundraisers and volunteers. Strength in numbers will strengthen our collective mission.

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